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Damp proof measures for pig in summer

Publish Date:2014-6-7
The weather of summer is hot and humid, pig body surface water vapor partial pressure and water vapor in the air pressure difference reduces, the evaporative heat loss is reduced, the pig body heat is more difficult, thereby increasing the heat stress of pigs. For example, 42 ℃ high temperature and dry climate, sow not dead heat; and the temperature of 37 ℃ but when humidity is big, the sow will die. As summer homes piglets suckling easy to diarrhea, reason is in the process of drying, absorbing heat from the air, the ambient temperature is reduced, so, seemingly in air temperature is not low, but the piglets feel the temperature is insufficient, the temperature does not cause digestive function in piglets decreased, decreased gastrointestinal disease resistance, to cause disease.
High temperature and humidity are conducive to a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, parasites in breeding, pig, increased incidence of exacerbations; pigs susceptible to eczema, scabies fresh and other skin diseases, but also easy to cause the piglet paratyphoid, dysentery of piglets, swine fever, swine erysipelas disease. Therefore, in order to reduce the summer high temperature, high humidity to pigs, must take effective reasonable scientific measures, to reduce economic losses caused to the farmers. The following are several measures.
1 temperate water
For moisture sensitive pig (delivery room, such as conservation stage), should control water, as much as possible to reduce the area of water. Even if must wash the ground, must also be carried out in the sunny weather with good ventilation, air and ground dry as soon as possible.
The 2 increase in ventilation
One is increasing, window area: the premises and homes ventilation increased; two, open windows: relative to the upper windows ventilation, bed effect is more obvious, because through the window of the wind blowing directly to the ground, easy to evaporate the water; three, use the fan: the fan can make the air flow to strengthen in this way, results in the empty house in use are very good; four, raise the bed, made the piglets from the wet ground, wet, the effect will be smaller.
3 use the hygroscopicity good material (such as lime)
Lime powder is hygroscopic, can make indoor air dry, with disinfection function. Some people will say that lime fever, can improve the interior temperature, unfit for use in the summer house, in fact, the use of lime outweigh the costs. One is, lime produced very little heat, not the temperature increase in the shed; two, make the air drying, sow suction on the dry air, the loss is more beneficial to the body heat of the high temperature and low humidity, it is not the heat we mentioned before dead sows, and the temperature is not so high but when humidity is big but will dead heat sows.
4 keep the plank drying
In the home environment is not easy to control, simple to provide piglets small local climate also has a good effect. Often the piglet laying wood plate with the stove to dry, or give birth a few days piglets spreading or carpet drying and other objects, so that the pig to avoid lying down in the damp planking, also have certain effect on the prevention of piglet diarrhea.
5 low temperature pipe laying
Low temperature heat pipe with moisture absorption function. If less than 20 ℃ water through wet pigsty, shed the water vapor into the water from the water pipe, down; if the Schonedo set several times the water pipes, drainage facilities at the same time, also can make the interior temperature decrease.
6 disinfection
In the pig transfer group process, every time the pig to walk, must be thoroughly disinfected; each turn, pig must be dry, otherwise the temperature is low, the pig will be cold; when the temperature is high, humidity is big, plus transfer group other stress, herd incidence.
7 other
There are a lot of cooling method, the dormitory or fire can reduce the humidity, inside installation of air conditioning can reduce wet, shed increase ventilation can also reduce humidity control, wash the ground times and prevent the water pipe Water Leakage can also reduce the humidity, farmers can be used according to the actual situation of their own.
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