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Two kinds of disease decreased sow abnormal

Publish Date:2014-6-7
Sow normal out of proportion, and disease factors eliminated high, how to reduce the sow abnormal eliminated? The author thinks, the disease is the main factor in limb hoof disease elimination and uterine inflammation elimination, control of the two aspects of the disease, can quickly reduce sow abnormal out of proportion.
One, the cause of limb hoof disease and inflammatory disease of uterus of sows occurred
Reason 1, sow hoof disease: Pig bar surface quality problems may be caused by limb hoof mechanical injury, mainly for the coops of slippery floor leading to sow slipped, bar iron sharp edge horn, the ground more potholes, stadium with small stones and other hard objects to sow hoof injury. On the other hand, limb hoof injury nursing is not timely caused severe inflammation.
Reason 2, uterine inflammation: sows in estrus and childbirth uterine neck opening, external environment is not health, such as pens, easy dirty humidity caused by pathogenic microorganisms or foreign body into the uterus cause uterine inflammation. Or staff habitual individual field cut production to bring human pathogen sow the womb, destroyed the micro ecological balance of sows in the womb.
Two, prevention of sow hoof disease and inflammatory disease of uterus slants much measures
1, reduce mechanical damage occurred in sows. To assure the quality of building housing coops ground meets the needs of pig production, not too smooth, not too rough, such as the cement road surface. Catch the pig can not be more than 30 degrees slope. Sports venues with sand to regularly screen cleaning. Regularly check the bar iron corner position if damaged, should be promptly repaired.
Injury of sow hoof found 2, guard bar, should be timely to the sow good logo as soon as possible and use a spray bottle with a purple potion + amoxicillin powder after mixing evenly sprayed into the damaged position, until the wound healed.
3, do a good job in environmental control, including temperature and humidity, pens and health, especially the large bar area, breeding homes in breeding area, delivery room, and pay special attention to health drive disinfection and delivery estrus District coops health, breeding of sows, after delivery to insist on the use of potassium permanganate water to clean the vulva 1 weeks. Sows of dystocia, can take on the abdomen, catch the sow sow producing bar movement delivery measures, minimize the cut production.
4, do a good job before and after oestrus of sow and pharmaceutical care delivery, such as adding Ligao or forest drugs such as health care, prevent inflammation.
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