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Key Points of Feed Industry Development in China in the 11t h Five-year Plan Period

Publish Date:2015-12-16


Boost up the supply capacity of feed raw material and speed up the development of feed industry Promote the ternary planting system steadily including food crops, cash crops and feed crops and enlarge planting of feed crops to make up the shortage of feed supply in China. Under the condition of protecting and improving grain production capacity, emphasis shall be given to expedite setting up the production base of high-grade feed and improve the quality of feed material and production capacity. Make full use of medium and low yield fields and winter fallow fields to grow the feed crop in order to enlarge cropping area including production of feed corn and soybean and further increase the source of quality protein materials. Make use of by-products of animals to produce feed protein with high quality. Enlarge the subsidy scale of fine corn, in particular subsidize silage corn cropping and expand planting area of silage corn to increase feed production. Develop and utilize stalks resources and accelerate circular economy development in the countryside Make full use of feed resources such as stalk and add value to stalk to develop circular economy in the countryside and improve the utilization rate of existing materials. Carry out combination of agriculture and animal husbandry to promote the development of crop-saving animal husbandry. At the same time, feed crops can be saved to relax pressure for the food crop. The concept of "Stalk feeds livestock and manure returns to field" will increase the content of organic matter in the soil, improve soil structure, accelerate the virtuous cycle and sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry and reduce environmental pollution. Boost up feed additive industry and advance the industrial level of feed Further extend feed additive production field. Emphasis shall be given to the production of amino acid and vitamin to change the passive situation of importing methionine and satisfy demand for amino acid from feed production; accelerate the development and production of new-type feed additive, especially the production of antibiotic replacement in order that feed additive industry of China can be further developed and improved in terms of quantity, quality and variety structure; realize domestic-made of main feed additive gradually to reduce the production cost and improve the competitiveness of home-made products in the international market. Make use of the global market to regulate need for varieties of those which have not been produced domestically or those of the current output fails to meet the demand. Intensify innovation and promotion of feed science & technology and strengthen stamina of feed industry development More inputs shall be given to scientific research to continually accelerate the step of rejuvenating feed industry through science and technology provide sustainable support to feed industry in carrying out "science and technology tackling projects", "863 plan", "973 plan" and " new products promotion plan" to improve technical innovation capacity of feed industry and boost up technical upgrade. Intensify basic research and new & hi-tech research to solve outstanding technical problems in the technical problems in the feed industry development. Set up feed technology advancement operation mechanism involving feed manufacturers to promote enterprises to be the main body of R & D and the input of science and technology. Mobilize input from various sides to share technical fruits by establishing the scientific outcome transforming system, i.e. common technology platforms. Establish combination in various types involving enterprises, colleges, and research institutes to encourage cooperation between them and realize direct connection between scientific research and market to speed up development and transform of science and technology outcomes related to feed. Gradually set up a nation-wide technical exchange market encouraging the participation of agencies including research institutes, colleges, feed manufacturers and the relevant industry associations to promote new and hi-tech industrialization of feed industry and increase strength of transforming the research outcome to be productivity. Make full use of "green box" policy to strengthen feed science and technology training, demonstration, promotion and consultancy service. Carry out occupational skill testing and training concerning feed industry to improve the professional skill level of grassroot technical staff in the enterprise. Establish feed quality safety systems and improve feed quality safety level National feed quality testing center shall take the lead to further strengthen feed testing system construction where the ministerial and provincial level feed testing centers shall act as the backbone. Set up state feed security engineering technology research center and feed security assessment center and improve basic establishment of feed inspection institutions; gradually develop feed inspection institutions to be products quality testing and assessmentcenter, technical consultancy service center and professional training center to improve the overall level of feed inspection system. Set up the feed safety early-warning system and carry out comprehensive research and analysis on various factors in order to give warning notice on feed safety and provide the prevention schemes and measures for government and enterprises as well as basis for government to make strategic decisions and policy adjustments. Carefully carry out and constantly optimize the production licensing system, gradually implement whole-course monitoring covering production, management, and use of feed and additive and actively promote application of HACCP management system and feed products certification in feed enterprises. Make quality control of feed industry in China conform to the international standard as soon as possible and guarantee feed quality safety and sanitation.

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